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Liquid Flow Relationships

Liquid Flow Relationships (LFR) is a high-level hardware description language used to describe microfluidic device architectures. LFR allows users to design microfluidic devices without any knowledge of using CAD software packages. By pairing with platform libraries, LFR can abstract the entire design flow as a high-level description. LFR is modeled after Verilog to enable the users to describe the microfluidic design as relationships between different flow elements, boolean relationships between control elements, and routing capabilities flow elements driven by control elements.

Key Features

  • Available as an open-source python library

  • Compiler Grammar based on ANTLR grammar, allowing for easy porting to different language platforms

  • Standard Data Structures and APIs are available for programmatic access to all device synthesis algorithms.


  • Living Computing Project


LFR is free to use. See the website or GitHub located below:

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