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Sam is presenting at the MET Seminar Series Spring 2022 at Tampere University

Sam is presenting this Thursday, 3/10, at 4 pm local time (9 am EST) at the MET Seminar Series Spring 2022 of the BioMediTech Department of Tampere University in Finland. It is good to see Sam back to his roots!

He obtained his PhD degree from the same University back in 2019 when he was also awarded one of two best PhD thesis of the entire University in that same year. His presentation is entitled ‘Microfluidics-based Devices for Studying Synthetic Microbial Communities.’ This part of Sam’s work focuses on designing and assembling synthetic microbial communities that can perform multicellular tasks. Then, Sam will present part of his ongoing work on the in-silico design of multicellular circuits and intercellular communication in live cells.

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