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Long-term Acquisition Portable Liquid Analysis Capillaric-Electronics

The CIDAR Lab is currently developing solutions for point-of-care (POC) and wearable applications by integrating biosensors with capillary microfluidics that enable low-cost, low-powered, and portable personal healthcare and environmental monitoring systems.  We envision that incorporating smart materials into capillary devices will enhance the functionality, accuracy, and long-term use of such systems.  We aim to develop technology that will complement current commercial approaches such as single-use and laboratory testing.

We further aim to develop open-sourced design automation software that would translate functional needs into design specifications.


This project takes advantage of CIDAR’s rapid prototyping workflow for microfluidics to design, make, and test devices quickly and affordably.


It is part of a collaboration between:


Galagan Lab (BME)

Klapperich Lab (BME)

Grinstaff Lab (Chemistry)

and Allen Lab (BUMC)

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