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Store, Exchange, and Interact with Synthetic Biological Data

Clotho is a framework for engineering synthetic biological systems and managing the data used to create them. It serves as both a centralized location to store synthetic biological information — such as genetic parts, nucleic acid sequences, and physical samples– as well as a framework for applications (apps) which interact with said data.

Clotho provides software developers with a robust API, facilitating the development of new apps that aid synthetic biologists in the specification, design, and construction of novel biological systems. These apps provide Clotho users with new computational tools for performing many tasks, from data entry to genetic device visualization.

Clotho also aids in the exchange of information between applications, allowing users to utilize different apps to access and interact with the same pool of data.

Key Features

  • Storage and exchange of biological data using the Clotho data model.

  • Built-in and user-developed apps for synthetic biological engineering.

  • Robust API for app development.


  • NSF Advances in Biological Informatics Program (ABI)

  • Program Manager: Anne Maglia

  • Award Abstract


Clotho is free to use. See installation details below:

Screen Shots

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