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CIDAR MoClo Part and Plasmid Libraries

Hummingbird is a repository of MoClo DNA part and plasmid libraries developed by the CIDAR lab.

The CIDAR MoClo Library is the first bacterial DNA part library compatible with a multipart assembly standardCIDAR MoClo allows for the rapid assembly of interchangeable DNA parts. While many DNA assembly standards have been published in recent years, only the Modular Cloning standard, or MoClo, has the advantage of publicly available part libraries for use in plant, yeast, mammalian systems, and now E. coli.


CIDAR MoClo Publication: Iverson, S., T. L. Haddock, J. Beal and D. Densmore (2015). “CIDAR MoClo: Improved MoClo Assembly Standard and New E. Coli Part Library Enables Rapid Combinatorial Design for Synthetic and Traditional Biology.” ACS Synthetic Biology. (link)

Hummingbird Libraries

Note: The CIDAR MoClo Library is in quality control stages at Addgene and will be available shortly. Please contact us with any questions.


Key Features

  • First DNA part library for modular, multipart assembly in bacteria

  • CIDAR MoClo Library available at Addgene

  • Improved protocols – 90 minutes (originally 5.5h); $1.5 per reaction (originally $10)

  • Characterization data – Published in ACS Synthetic Biology


  • NSF CAREER Award

  • Program Officer: Susanne von Bodman

  • Award Abstract


The CIDAR MoClo Library is publicly available and contains promoters, ribosomal binding sites, coding sequences, terminators, vectors, and a set of fluorescent control plasmids. Optimized protocols reduce reaction time and cost by >80% from previously published protocols. All plasmids included in the kit are documented on the CIDAR-ICE registry. Additionally, these plasmids and others used in part characterization and other projects can be found on a public Benchling directory.

The CIDAR MoClo Library and assembly standard enable rapid design-build-test cycles in E. coli making this system advantageous for use in many areas of synthetic biology as well as traditional biological research and education.

Screen Shots


Contains 93 plasmids: basic parts, vectors, and fluorescent reporters.


Array of expression vectors constructed from a collection of 16 consitutive promoters and 6 RBS type parts. More info in CIDAR MoClo paper.


Hierarchical assembly structure with rotating antibiotic selection.


Expression sorted by promoter. Guide for choosing promoter parts.


Plasmid names are abbreviations of the component parts as described here


Expression sorted by RBS. Guide for choosing RBS parts.

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