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Complete, end-to-end microfluidic design suite for synthetic biologists

Neptune is a complete, end-to-end microfluidic design suite for synthetic biologists. With Neptune, researchers and microfluidic designers have all the tools needed to design, fabricate, and control microfluidic devices. Neptune supports high level specification of the layout and function of a microfluidic chip. This high level specification includes a library of predefined microfluidic components commonly used in designs, including valves, gradient generators, serpentine mixers, and droplet generators.


Neptune also provides a interface where researchers can control their microfluidic chip in real time. Fluid flow can be manipulated directly from the interface, making Neptune an ideal tool for running and controlling microfluidic chip experiments. Neptune also
interfaces with and sources only low cost, open and readily available tools to fabricate and control microfluidic chips; Neptune provides a 3D printed control infrastructure for your chip, and the fabrication itself leverages the MakerFluidics workflow to create the chip using a CNC mill.

Key Features

  • Automated Microfluidic Design Flow

  • Cloud Based


  • Living Computing Project


Neptune is free to use. Follow the installation instructions below to install.

Screen Shots

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