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A Software Environment for Social Synthetic Biology

Phagebook is a Clotho 3.0 app that serves as a social networking interface incorporating lab inventory management and project/personnel networking. Phagebook facilitates collaboration amongst the synthetic biology community and like any other Clotho app, it directly communicates with Clotho apps for specification, design, assembly, and verification of synthetic biological systems.

Key Features

  • Personal Profiles: Allows users to set up a profile, which lets them be a part of institutions, labs and other social organizations. Using their profiles, Phagebook users can update their status, share publications, receive updates about orders and projects, and add important events to their calender.

  • Research Profiles: Users have the ability to design, create, and share wetlab and computational synthetic biology projects. Projects can be associated with multiple Phagebook members and labs, which can help collaborative efforts.

  • Lab-Inventory Management: The Phagebook lab-inventory management system grants users easy access to an ordering portal, which lists vendors and product details. Depending on the user’s level of authorization, the user can create a new order or edit, approve, and submit an existing order.

Phagebook is free to use, follow the instructions below to access it:

Screen Shots

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