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DNA Assembly Planning Made Easy

Raven is a DNA assembly planning tool that generates optimized assembly plans that minimize both the labor and reagent cost involved in constructing target DNA sequences from oligo- and plasmid-derived fragments. Raven is faster and more reliable than designing assembly plans by hand, freeing synthetic biologists from much of the effort and human-error involved in manual assembly planning.


Raven uses modular planning algorithms that are designed to work with many popular assembly protocols, including BioBrick, MoClo, and Gibson Assembly, with support for defining new protocols already built-in.

Raven interfaces with other CIDAR software to produce cohesive workflows that make designing and building genetic devices easier than ever. Use Eugene to generate device designs, and store them in Clotho for Raven to access them later. Raven uses Pigeon to generate human-readable, SBOL-compliant assembly diagrams. The outputs of Raven can also be interpreted by Puppeteer, which will further automate the assembly process.

Key Features

  • Generate optimized assembly plans.

  • Save time and money by minimizing laboratory bench time and reagent use.

  • Compatible with most popular assembly protocols.

  • Generate oligonucleotide sequences to prepare parts for assembly.

  • Prepare human-readable assembly instructions.

  • Interface with Eugene, Clotho, Pigeon, and Puppeteer.


  • Office of Naval Research MURI Award

  • Program Manager: Linda Chrisey


You may access Raven's CAD system and GitHub below:

Screen Shots

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